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Our Honey Mead Selection

Nationally Awarded Honey Mead

Mint Mead

Our mint mead has a soft mint and honey aroma followed by a blend of mint and floral, spicy honey flavor with a soft, cool mint finish.  This mead would pair well with most lamb dishes, is a great summer drink in the afternoon or evening or would make a great, cool refreshing mint spritzer. 11% ABV.

Ginger Mead

This mead is made by adding fresh ginger root to the fermentation. It gives a pleasant ginger and honey aroma and flavor blended with soft alcohol and a sweet, but not cloying, ginger and honey finish. It pairs well with most Asian and Thai dishes. 11% ABV

Blackberry Mead

This mead is made by fermenting honey and blackberries together to give a pleasant blackberry and honey aroma and flavor. There is a smooth, semi-sweet finish of blackberry, honey and soft alcohol. It pairs well with grilled steaks. 14% ABV

Alcohol by Volume

The average bottle of mead produced ends up being between 11 and 14 percent alcohol.